About Poztel Sp. z o.o.

POZTEL Sp. o.o. It is a professional freight forwarding company specializing in transport services national and international. Market knowledge and high specialization enables us to offer attractive rates and to adjust to your logistics systems. We guarantee a rapid flow of information on transported freight, and safe and timely deliveries. We operate on the basis of Polish Transport Law, Conventions CMR, the Civil Code, TIR Carnet and Liability Insurance.


Take the over 20 year history of our business.

Our Team

Poztel Sp. o.o. is a professional service team of international freight forwarders and traders.
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All the necessary documents identifying our company.
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We have

We have

- Certificates of Professional Competence in the international road transport of goods, issued by the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw;
- Certificate of Training of the main provisions of the TIR Convention, CMR and AETR , given by the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland;
- License the Community dot. International carriage of goods by road; - License Domestic Transport of Goods by Road;
- Forwarding license.


We have many years of experience, so do our job efficiently, quickly and precisely. We are perfectionists in their field of activity. Our comprehensive offer is developed for both individual clients and large enterprises. High quality services, and attractive prices is our domain. Take advantage of our offer, and we promise you will not regret this decision!

Modern platform with a range of current loads and vehicles